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Why Xero?

Xero's business accounting software has all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. Real-time updates mean no more waiting to learn the health of your finances. View and share interactive reports and budgets, all in one place on a customisable dashboard.

From importing bank transactions to sending invoice reminders, Xero automatically handles tasks so you can get your accounting done faster. Xero is always secure, reliable – and our experts are here to support you 24/7.

Contact us to find out how Woodpecker Consultancy can help you get a 30 day free Xero trial.

We support businesses in North Hampshire and West Berkshire, including Basingstoke, Reading, Newbury and the surrounding areas.

Easy Invoicing

Convert online quotes into invoices to save data entry, or simply create a new invoice and email it to your customer. You'll see if they've opened it - and they can pay online.

Connect Other Apps to Xero

From point of sale to getting paid faster, over 800 trusted apps work with Xero to help you get the job done, reduce data entry - providing better information and business insights.

Get Paid Faster

Use Xero to chase unpaid invoices by setting up automated invoice reminders. Xero can send out a reminder email to a customer when an invoice is overdue. A very useful tool!

Use Xero as an Online Filing System

Store your key business documents in the file library, so all your records are backed up and stored online for easy reference, shared with your accountant, and keeping compliant records.

Have Confidence In your Numbers

With your data protected and stored in Xero, it's easy to get real-time insights into how your business is performing by viewing your dashboard and using customisable reports.

Xero Mobile App

Download the Xero mobile app to carry out accounting tasks like invoicing - anywhere -and minimise time in the office on admin. It's available whenever you want, wherever you are.

Keep Track of Your Cash Flow

Turn reconciling your bank transactions from a chore into a task that is quick and easy. Once Xero is connected to your bank, transactions flow in automatically, ready for you to reconcile.

Find out how Woodpecker Consultancy can help you get a 30 day free Xero trial.

Making Tax Digital Compliant

Xero has worked closely with HMRC since the announcement of making tax digital for VAT so you can keep digital records and file and file returns directly online - quickly and easily.

Choose Xero Add-ons

Add options like Xero Expenses for streamlined expense claims , Xero projects for tracking job costs and time, or Xero payroll for managing employee pay, leave, tax and more

Free on-line support 24/7

Browse support articles at Xero central to findanswers at any time, or if you can't find what you're looking for click the 'get in touch' button to get a response from our global support team.

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